2014 Annual USP-Alcatraz Reunion

Former Residents and NPS Staff pose w Dock 'Taco Bell'

TWO former USP-AZ prisoners attend annual event with former¬†guards, families and even a Jesuit Priest who all did time on ‘the Rock’¬†.

Special programs and tours were open to pleasantly surprised visitors – who also were treated to live music by a Johnny Cash cover band.

Let’s do it again next year!

#1118AZ, Bob Luke w former Officer John Hernan

Former Guard Jim Albright with his bride of 62 years!









#1259AZ, Bill Baker w new bride Mae

Father Bernie Bush w friends in 'Birdman's' Cell


Robert Stroud, aka ‘the Birdman’, spent 11 of his 17 years in this barred hospital room above the prison’s ‘dining hall’.




Big crowds turned out for the special programs - here Bob Luke, #1118AZ

NPS Volunteer Ian Craig w #1259AZ, Bill Baker,(1954-’59) -then and now!