‘Wild Bill’ Baker, #1259AZ, Returns for Another ‘Stint’ on ‘the Rock’!

William Baker, Age 23, Arrives At USP-Alcatraz in 1956

Former Alcatraz Prisoner Bill Baker, just released from USP-Leavenworth in 2011, has written and published ‘Alcatraz 1259′ – an entertaining first person account of the tumultuous path which led to America’s most nototrious prison. Escape attempts as well as successes, time in ‘the Hole’, fights ‘on the yard’, fellow convict stories and much more are re-told in this entertaining and informative read.
Meet ‘Wild Bill’ in the Alcatraz Island Cell House Bookstore every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this month (January, 2014). He will be happy to sign copies of his book, pose for pictures with visitors, and answer questions about his former and present lives. ‘Alcatraz 1259′ is also available through amazon.com

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