SALUTE! – Real Veterans of Alcatraz – Devincenzi, Heaney, Luke, Wallar

Former USP-Alcatraz Officers George Devincenzi and Frank Heaney, former convict Robert Luke, and officer’s daughter Betty Wallar all served our country in the armed forces – and all are still frequent visitors to the island!.

Robert Luke (pictured at left) served in the U.S. Navy from January of 1945 through 1948 as part of the Pacific Fleet and later enjoyed a global tour aboard a deisel freighter – experiences which would provide the ‘stuff’ of his many ‘escapes’ from the Rock while a prisoner from 1954 to 1959. “#1118AZ” is now an Alcatraz auhor and video ‘Rock-star’ who will appear on  the island Saturday, November 11th  & Saturday, November 26.

Former 'Con', now Author/'Rockstar' - Robert Luke

‘Mess Hall’ Talks are presented at 11;30 a.m;

Former 'Guard' - Frank Heaney with fans after 'dock-talk'.

Former Alcatraz ‘Screw‘ and Author -Frank Heaney served in the U.S. Coast Guard 1944 – 1946, and in the U.S. Navy from 1950 – 52 – squeezing his stint on ‘the Rock’ in between. Mr. Heaney will be appearing on the island Saturday, November 19th – and will greet the first two boats – before arriving at the Cellhouse Museum Bookstore.

Betty Wallar, R.N. - on the Agave Trail earlier this year

Former teen-age resident of U.S.P – Alcatraz, Betty Wallar was a U.S. Army Nurse from 1947 through 1950 and was dispatched to Seoul, Korea. Betty first moved to Alcatraz Island in 1936, daughter of the legendary Mr. E. Wallar -Prison Guard, Photographer and cellhouse Lock-smith!  Betty has generously donated a portion of her father’s photographs to the National Park Service Archives.

Former 'Guard' George Devincenzi appears at special events.

Former U.S. P. – Alcatraz Correctional Officer George Devincenzi  served in the U.S. Navy as a Motor Machinist Mate in 1945, 46 & 47 – visitin Guam, Saipan and other international ports-of-call. Mr. Devincenzi has spoken to many special event groups, appeared on ‘the panel’ at this years’ AZ reunion, and is currently in production on a new U.S.P.- Alcatraz documentary – coming soon on DVD!  

                                   THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SERVICE!

                                             – and we’ll see you on ‘the island’ . . . 



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