‘ROCK Secret’ – ‘Cool Blue’ Luke likes it here better now!

'Rock Secret' Producer Ian Craig surrounded by former prisoner #1118AZ (aka Bob Luke) left, and former Guard George Devincenzi

Unlike 50+ years ago, Robert Luke, formerly prisoner #1118AZ - is having a great time on ‘the Rock’! Now a trained National Park Service Volunteer, Luke spent a day recently on the island with former Correctional Officer George Devincenzi  for interviews with a British film crew for an upcoming Discovery Channel production. 

On another visit this month, Luke entertained a group estimated at 400+ !!! – for a full hour! 

#1118AZ, aka Bob Luke, entertains large group on April 11th.

After taking questions from the curious crowd for another 20 minutes, Ranger John Cantwell stepped in and announced that Mr. Luke would take one last question – then pointed to a 5 year old girl in the front row – who asked: “Was there anything FUN about Alcatraz?

Mr. Luke thought for a moment, then responded – “Sure . . . leaving!’

‘Leave ‘em laughing’ – Bob !

And, oh yeah, Bob – unlike the first five years you spent here – there are women here now .  . . from all over the World . . . but you probably noticed that!

Luke fans from San Antonio, Texas


'Cool Blue' Luke with new fan from Germany!


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