Columbus School for Girls Choir Sentenced to ‘the Rock’

Columbus, Ohio Girls Choir Ready for 'Transport' to Alcatraz

NO FOOLIN’ – all girls choir does ‘short-time’ on ‘the Rock’! Columbus, Ohio choral group in San Francisco as part of the recent ‘Festival of Gold’  -National Choral Festival’. (We may have to report that name to the Alcatraz  Department of Redundancy Department!)  

It appears the ‘trouble-makers’ were deemed ‘incorrigible’ and sent on a tour of the former prison to ‘protect the public’. Held for transport on the bow area of an Alcatraz Cruises tour vessel (where the ‘booking’ photograph was taken) the girls and their ‘handlers’ seemed to be all smiles before departing Pier 33 and the San Francisco waterfront for the short voyage to the site of America’s most notorious prison! Little could they imagine what lay ahead. . .

Ordered by the Alcatraz Dock Staff to ‘smoke only at the Dock Area’ and reminded they would not be allowed to consume food during their stay, the choir girls were then forced to tread up the 130 foot vertical climb to the cold, forboding prison . . . on foot!  

All other visitors this day wore headsets while in the Cell-house – evidently to further punish the girls by preventing them from singing – as they would not be heard! To add to the ‘near torture’ the choir soon discovered Alcatraz Island has no Wi-Fi and 300 of the 303 toilets don’t work! ‘Welcome to ‘the Rock’ girls! Oh, and by the way, the girls sentence commenced on April 1, 2011 and concluded 0n April 1, 2011 .  .  . (April Fool’s to you!)

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