BIRDMAN’S Great Grand-nephew George Stroud hails from Scotland!

Rare Stroud Relative Visits Alcatraz to Reclaim Throne!

After being moved to the prison hospital, where he would spend 11 of his 17 years here, the ‘Birdman of Alcatraz’ – Robert Stroud – sued the Federal Government for his own plumbed latrine “like all the other cells have” – and won! (What’ya gonna throw at the ‘hacks’ when  they take your bed-pan, Bob?)

George ‘Boris’ Stroud, a successful Scottish entrepreneur in his own right – (Great Grand-uncle sold bird medicines and wrote books from ‘the inside’) – visited Alcatraz on January 9th for the first time and is seen in Robert Stroud’s hospital ward/cell.

Prolific AZ Author Jolene Babyak with George 'Boris' Stroud at author's desk

George's Great Grand-uncle, Robert Stroud - The "Birdman of Alcatraz"

With a background in undersea excavation, the Scot and a business partner, Nick Sills, were in the bay area to check progress on a ‘submarine project’ , and took Sunday to explore George’s roots. When introduced to  ‘Birdman’ author Jolene Babyak in the Cell-house bookstore , whose reaction was suspicious, George Stroud quickly erased any doubts by producing his passport and delineating the family history back to his Great Grand-uncle’s parents – Benjamin Franklin Stroud and his wife, Elizabeth.

'Birdman's' AZ Hospital Ward Room - 11 yrs in isolation here.

Robert Franklin Stroud, #586Az

IQ  134


42 YEARS  in Isolation

17 YEARS on ‘the ROCK

Died November 21, 1963


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