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Welcome to: Alcatraz – ‘the ROCK’

ALCATRAZ – the little island with the BIG reputation! Infamous former ‘home’ to America’s most notorious criminals – and now a popular National Park site – the island entertains nearly 1.5 million visitors each year! Made famous as a Federal Penitentiary during the ‘Gangster Era’ – through a combination of government secrecy, and a resulting infatuation by Hollywood producers, Alcatraz – ‘the ROCK’ is a lasting legend of myth and mystery.

Site of the first U.S. Lighthouse and U.S. Army constructed Fortress on the West Coast, this 29 acre out-cropping is also a prehistoric mountain-top which survived the flooding of surrounding river-valleys when the last ‘ice-age’ ended – seven to ten thousand years ago! Alcatraz Island is also now a component of the U.S. National Park Service, and is home to beautiful restored Historic Gardens and colonies of proteted seabirds – not ‘jail-birds’!

The surprising layers of history to be uncovered on this tiny island include the 29-year period when ‘U. S. Federal Penitentiary – Alcatraz’ housed America’s most notorious and dangerous prisoners.  Enduring myths have been built around the prison’s high-profile ‘residents’ like Al Capone, ‘Machine-Gun’ Kelly and the ‘Birdman of Alcatraz’, Robert Franklin Stroud.

Hollywood producers have long looked to this infamous setting to attract large audiences – however most, with the exception of ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ – starring Clint Eastwood, have failed to paint a picture of what life on ‘the Rock’ was really like.

Now, one former ‘con’ has stepped forward to tell his story – the real story – of life on the inside at USP-Alcatraz. Introducing former armed bank-robber and seasoned Alcatraz convict Robert Luke, #1118AZ -  who spent half a decade on ‘the Rock’ and then 51 years keeping it a secret from everyone – save his wife.            

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   55-minute video program produced by Ian Craig, publisher Ian Craig with ‘Rock’ visitors from Sweden on July 9th.